What are cloud projects?

Projects are a way of collaborating with other users. You can invite other users to your project and they can invite you to theirs. It is a great way to share resources and work together on a same project.

How to create a project?

In order to create a new project, you can:

  1. Click on the the top right project header dropdown and click "Add".
  2. Click on the leftmost "+" sign of the project management page.
  3. Click on the rightmost "+" sign located in the project column.

In all cases, a popup will open where you can then enter the name of the project you wish to create and select the region.

How to delete a project?

In the main project page, you can delete a project by clicking the edit wheel and then selecting "Delete". Note that you are not allowed to delete your default projects.

How to go to a specific project?

To be directed to the portal of a specific project, you can click the "Go to project" button from the edit menu wheel of the desired instance in the main project page. You will then be automatically switched to that project.

How to manage projects?

You can manage your projects by:

  1. Clicking on the "Manage" button from the edit wheel of the desired project in the main project page.
  2. Clicking on the desired project located on the right project column.